• "Pupils enjoy trusting, respectful relationships with staff and each other. These strong relationships ensure pupils work hard and try their best.’ OFSTED 2015"
  • "An extensive range of extra-curricular clubs at lunchtime and after school provide opportunities to develop life skills and confidence. OFSTED 2015"
  • "‘The school’s values are at the heart of all relationships and are constantly referred to by staff and pupils ... pupils are able to talk eloquently about how to live by the values in order to become good citizens.’ OFSTED 2015"


Using a computer and surfing the internet can be great fun.  There is so much to see and do.   

However, it is really important, you do it safely.

Please use the following rules to ensure you have fun, but stay safe on the internet.  Don't forget to talk to someone you trust if you are not sure about something. 

The SMART rules:

SAFE     -   stay safe, don't give out personal information

MEETING   -  only meet someone from the internet with your parents

ACCEPTING  -   emails, IM, texts from strangers can lead to problems

RELIABLE   -   information on the internet may not be true

TELL     -    a trusted adult if anything online makes you feel uncomfortable


Digital Leaders

In each class we have our 'Digital Leaders'.

It is their job to take the views of the class and report back to the other leaders at designated meetings.  We have introduced this recently and have some exciting projects being lined up as we speak!

This year they are: 3A – Josh & Polly, 3L – Ben & Abbie, 3R – Louisa & Harry, 4D – Liam & Tia, 4F – Tom & Olivia, 4S – Euan & Erin, 4W – Jacob & Meadow, 5C – Dan & Bethan, 5HD – Elizabeth & Seb, 5S – Josh & Callie, 6G – Stanley & Molly, 6M – Shay & Mia and 6W – Brook & Bethany


High Down subscribes to a digital learning resource called 'Espresso' which is used when appropriate to enhance learning in classes across the school.  There are so many fabulous digital resources and video clips on the site that we thought parents might like to take a look at the website at home with the children.

The website is:


Username - student5773

Password - unicorn

You can find our policies on esafety under the policies section of our website.

Follow this link to our esafety page.
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