• "Pupils enjoy trusting, respectful relationships with staff and each other. These strong relationships ensure pupils work hard and try their best.’ OFSTED 2015"
  • "An extensive range of extra-curricular clubs at lunchtime and after school provide opportunities to develop life skills and confidence. OFSTED 2015"
  • "‘The school’s values are at the heart of all relationships and are constantly referred to by staff and pupils ... pupils are able to talk eloquently about how to live by the values in order to become good citizens.’ OFSTED 2015"


Please see below our list of policies that we feel need to be on the website. The list is not exhaustive, so if there are any other policies you would like to see uploaded, please contact the office.

The Following policies are joint LSP policies.  Please click on this link  LSP website to view these documents.

Business Ethics

Charging and Remissions


Data Protection


Freedom of Information

Members, Trustees & Governors Allowances Policy

Privacy Notice



  1. High Down Schools Accessibility Plan July 2016
  2. Admissions Policy 2014
  3. Anti bullying and Friendship Policy October 2015
  4. Attendance_Policy_Dec_2013
  5. Behaviour+Rewards+and+Sanctions+Policy+Jan+2015
  6. Child Protection Policy Oct 2014
  7. Curriculum_Policy January 2015
  8. E-Safety Policy Jul 2015
  9. Escalation Policy Nov 15
  10. Exclusions Policy Oct 2014
  11. Fire and Emergency Procedures Policy
  12. LSP Health and Safety Policy High Down Schools Version Nov 16
  13. Home Learning Policy July 2015
  14. ICT Acceptable Use Policy for Staff and Volunteers
  15. High Down Federation Lettings Policy
  16. Marking Policy up-dated Oct 2015draft
  17. Mathematics Policy Nov 2015 draft
  18. Reading Policy January 2014
  19. High Down Schools SEND Policy July 16
  20. Single_Equality_Policy_jan13
  21. Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy
  22. High Down Federation Social Media and Networking Policy
  23. High Down Federation Policy for Supporting Children with Medical Conditions
  24. Target_Setting_Policy_December_2014
  25. Teaching and learning policy Oct 2015
  26. High Down Federation Whistleblowing Policy Nov 15
  27. High Down Schools Equalities Annual Statement July 2016