• "Pupils enjoy trusting, respectful relationships with staff and each other. These strong relationships ensure pupils work hard and try their best.’ OFSTED 2015"
  • "An extensive range of extra-curricular clubs at lunchtime and after school provide opportunities to develop life skills and confidence. OFSTED 2015"
  • "‘The school’s values are at the heart of all relationships and are constantly referred to by staff and pupils ... pupils are able to talk eloquently about how to live by the values in order to become good citizens.’ OFSTED 2015"

School Council


At High Down Junior school we have a group called the School Council made up of 2 pupils from each class in the whole school.  

You will elect the members of the school council from your own class at the beginning of the school year. They meet every term with Miss Wilson.  The main aim of the School Council is to think about ways of improving the school and making it better.  It is a very exciting thing to be involved with. 

They also get to do special projects like work on the High Down Junior school carnival float and have also helped the Headteacher with anti-bullying.

The current members of the school council are:   

3A Lily-Rae D Dino D
3L Amelia M Dylan F
3R Niamh A Harrison B
4D Molly H Matthew P
4F Darcy W Alfie G
4S Jessica D Milan G
4W Saskia P Ben T
5C Hannah O Sam R
5HD Susie L Elliot J
5S Esme C Kavell L
6G Annabel D Reece M
6M Jasmine S Casey B
6W Charlotte M Finn K


At present the school council are aiming to raise funds and generate interest/help in the local community to redevelop an area of our playground.