• "Pupils enjoy trusting, respectful relationships with staff and each other. These strong relationships ensure pupils work hard and try their best.’ OFSTED 2015"
  • "An extensive range of extra-curricular clubs at lunchtime and after school provide opportunities to develop life skills and confidence. OFSTED 2015"
  • "‘The school’s values are at the heart of all relationships and are constantly referred to by staff and pupils ... pupils are able to talk eloquently about how to live by the values in order to become good citizens.’ OFSTED 2015"

Sporting Achievements 16-17


February 2017

On Wednesday 22nd of February 8 girls from years 3 and 4 went to a gym competition at Gemini gym club in Nailsea.

When we got there we went upstairs to put our stuff down and then the people who run it got us to do a warm-up with all the other schools on the bouncy floor. Each school took turns to do their routines and vault. Level 1 and level 2 had different routines to learn. While we waited for our turn we played with squishy blocks and built things with them.

We all felt very proud wearing the High Down hoodies and representing the school. Our level 2 team came second which means they MIGHT go to Bath to do the next level competition.

By Flo Jones, 4S

December 2016

The High Down swimming team, comprising of swimmers from Y4-6, travelled to Hutton Moor Leisure Centre for the annual North Somerset Swimming Gala. Our team did their school and themselves proud by swimming as quickly and as technically correct as they could bringing back five individual medals from the thirteen races. Overall, the team finished in second place against the other 23 competing schools from North Somerset. They should be incredibly proud of themselves.

September 2016

 High Down school children from Y5&6 took part in the Gordano X Country event this week and ran their socks off! The 25 strong team worked hard to complete the long course and as they all finished high up in the field, the boys and girls teams emerged as winners. A huge congratulation goes to both teams and all runners for representing their school and themselves so well.